Chapter I

Website design

We offer custom all-in-one solutions, whether for creating your website or renewing the image of your organization and making it more accessible to your potential customers.

Chapter II

Web visibility

A website is a vital tool for your organization to be visible on the Internet. Do you have a portrait of the visibility of your organization on the Internet? Do you know who your web clients are and how to reach them?

Let us help you set up a strategy to increase your visibility on the web, your traffic, your customers, your presence on social networks, etc.

Chapter III

Security and backups

Nowadays, most websites are designed with the WordPress platform. It is an efficient system but its “open-source” model makes it vulnerable to attacks if it’s not regularly updated.

Let us manage security and backups of your website , making return to operations quick if a technical problem arise or if you are the victim of a hack attempt.

Chapter IV

Redaction/content translation

The content quality of your website has a direct impact on how people perceive your organization.

The choice of words and the wording of your texts have an influence on what people understand about your message.

What message do you want to send to your customers? Which format would be most appropriate? Let us guide you with a qualified professional.

Chapter V

Professional photography

A professional image and high quality photos support people’s perceptions of your organization and your services. Our professional photography services allows you to present your organization as you imagine it.

Chapter VI

Graphic and logo design

The image that you project to your customers or members is essential. It improves your organization’s credibility and also increases the level of trust of your customers.

We create graphic concepts and logos tailored to your needs and the image of your organization.

Chapter VII


We offer a custom programming service for our customers who have specific and more advanced needs such as the implementation of an online payment solution.

Chapter VIII

Information session

You want to learn more about web technologies and what the Internet can offer your organization in 2018? Do you want training for your members?

We go to your workplace and offfer personalized information sessions adapted to your needs . Contact us to learn more.